Hipster Clown

The Hipster Clown is a free costume idea officially suggested during the Halloween season by thrift store Value Village in 2013. Despite its name, it seems to have little to do with modern hipster subculture, and seems to display something more akin to a nerd/punk hybrid.

Add an edge to the laughter this Halloween with this bold costume. Find a brightly colored T-shirt and pair it with skinny jeans. To find a pair of pants with personality think outside of the box and visit the women's department. Subtract 21 from your pant size to convert it into women's sizing. (For example, if you were size 32 in men's you wear size 11 in women's.) Now visit the Halloween shop to find a rainbow Mohawk wig, bright bandanna, patterned suspenders and thick glasses. Find shoes that are as bold as you are to complete your urban look.

Recommended items


  • Bright T-shirt
  • Bright skinny jeans


  • Rainbow Mohawk wig
  • Thick glasses
  • Bright patterned bandanna
  • Patterned sneakers
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