Slutty Pumpkin

Ted in his hanging chad costume.

"Slutty Pumpkin" is a Halloween episode from the TV comedy series How I Met Your Mother. It was originally aired in the United States on October 24, 2005.


As Halloween approaches, Ted Mosby plans on spending the holiday the way he does every year, waiting for a girl he calls "the slutty pumpkin" because that was the costume she was wearing when he met her. Ted met her at a Halloween party four years earlier and the two spent the night together. Ted believed that she was "the one". However, after that party, Ted never saw her again and had no way to contact her. Therefore, he waits every year at a Halloween party, dressed as a hanging chad (the costume he wore the night he met her) hoping that she will show up. Although she has never shown up in previous years, Ted is feeling hopefull about this year.

Meanwhule, Ted's friends, Marshall (dressed as Jack Sparrow) and Marshall's finacee Lily (dressed as a green parrot) plan on going on a double date with Robin, who is not dressed up as anything, and Robin's new boyfriend Mike. Robin is embarrassed when she notices that Mike has dressed up as Hansel, even though they agreed not to dress up that year. They go to the bar but Marshall and Lily realize that Robin is not interested in Mike. Lily tells Robin that they have to do "couple things" such as holding hands. When Robin has trouble with this, Mike breaks up with her. Marshall and Lily win a prize for their costumes but Marshall gets upset when he is described as being dressed as a "gay pirate".

In the end, Robin goes to the same  party that Ted went to earlier. Ted is still waiting there, even though it is two o'clock in the morning and everybody else has left. Robin tells Ted that there is no chance that "the slutty pumpkin" will show up. Ted admits that he knows that but that does not mean he will ever stop waiting. Robin  joins him and they wait throughout the night. 

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