"Hsine (the 'H' is silent) despises the undead and would have nothing to do with them except her superiors have forced her to become a necromancer. To spite them, she has become far better than they expected, but Hsine is still unpleasant to be around - especially if you're undead." — In-game description


Hsine is a Kreegan female that appears in the video game, Heroes of Might and Magic IV as one of the 29 heroes belonging to the Necromancer class. As such, she is associated with the Necropolis town. Ironically, Hsine despises the undead yet her superiors have forced her into this position. In an act of pure spite, she transformed herself into a far better necromancer than they could have expected, but this fate has caused her to be unpleasant to be around, even when compared to other Kreegans.

She does not appear in any following Heroes games, leaving her fate as ambiguous. However, she did survive Heroes IV and can be assumed to still be alive due to lack of evidence to the contrary.

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