Hyde and Go Tweet is a color Merrie Melodies cartoon. It was released to theaters on May 14, 1960.


The short opens with Sylvester the cat sleeping on the ledge of a tall building, just outside the window of the laboratory and office of the mild-mannered Dr. Jekyll. Dr. Jekyll enters the laboratory and drinks he Hyde formula, briefly transforming into Mr. Hyde. Sylvester hears the laughter of Mr Hyde, but when he wakes up, startled, he only sees Dr. Jekyll leaving the laboratory. Sylvester then laughs it off and goes back to sleep. Suddenly, he wakes up and tries to catch some pigeons, but to no avail.

Sylvester then pursues Tweety inside the laboratory, and the little yellow bird drinks the Hyde potion. Now much more big, monstrous, and evil, Tweety proceeds to chase after Sylvester instead of getting chased himself. Of course, Tweety changes back periodically and the chase reverses. Suddenly, Tweety finally catches Sylvester and devours him in one gulp. Sylvester, however, escapes and tries to leave the lab.

But, it turns out the whole thing was just a nightmare. But when he spots Tweety, he runs for his nine lives and through a brick wall. Some other cats, and even Tweety, notice and shame is act of cowardice.


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