"Hyde and Hare" is a color Looney Tunes cartoon. It was released to theaters on August 27, 1955.


One day in the park, Bugs Bunny meets a meek gentleman who comes to the park regularly to feed him carrots. The kind old man then decides to take Bugs home with him. The man reveals himself to be a doctor, but when they arrive at the apartment, it is revealed to the viewers that he's actually Dr. Jekyll. While Bugs makes himself comfortable, Dr. Jekyll enters his laboratory to get Bugs a carrot. However, he drinks a red potion and transforms into the evil, cruel Mr. Hyde.

Bugs soon meets Mr. Hyde and, thinking that he's a sick man, goes to look for Dr. Jekyll. However, Hyde swings an ax at Bugs and chops a lamb in half. Realizing that Mr. Hyde is not someone to be heckled, he runs for his life. However, he soon finds Dr. Jekyll, unaware that he transformed back from Mr. Hyde. Soon, after another transformation back to Jekyll from Hyde, the good doctor decides to pour the rest of the potion down the drain.

However, he finds the beaker empty and asks Bugs if he drank the rest. Bugs, insulted, heads back to the park. However, on his way back to the park, Bugs transforms into a green monster bunny and frightens everyone away. Bugs doesn't understand why they're running away, after turning back to normal that is, and chews on a carrot.


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