"Small, frail, and armed only with their natural scratching claws, imps and familiars are among the weakest units in the game. They are, however, produced in great numbers."

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Imp (H3)

Imps are a demonic unit associated with the Inferno faction as the first tier unit in the video game Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia and its expansions, Armageddon's Blade and Shadow of Death. They can be recruited by a player in possession of an Inferno town by building an imp crucible. They are notable for their considerable growth which can be increased even more by constructing the birthing pool; however this is a way to make up for their severe weakness, as they are one of the weakest units in the entire game. As with all units in the game, they can be upgraded - in their case, they can be upgraded to Familiars.

A clever Hero will use Imps or their upgrade, Familiars, to back up stronger creatures due to their large numbers. This is best to protect their ranged attackers. their available Skeletons during offensive attacks against creatures that they can be likely to kill or cripple, in order to avoid disastrous repercussions such as painful retaliations.

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