"½ damage from elemental spells. Golems make excellent garrison creatures."

Iron Golem (H2) icon
Iron Golem (H2)

Iron Golems are a unit associated with the Wizard faction of Enroth, appearing in the video game Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars and its expansion packs, Heroes II: The Price of Loyalty and Heroes II: Desecrated Lands. They are notably the very first Golem type found in the Heroes series. They serve as that faction's third-tier unit can be recruited from a Foundry in any Wizard town that has built it, and can be upgraded into Steel Golems.

Though they have a high defense and hit points, they are an extremely slow unit, essentially useless for offense without beneficial spell buffs such as Haste. As such, they are better suited towards defense, and are decent at protecting ranged units from melee attackers.

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