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Jackie Chan.

"Fright Fight Night" is the Halloween episode of the animated TV series Jackie Chan Adventures. It first aired in the United States on The WB Television Network on October 25, 2003.

A fictionalized version of Jackie Chan's life, Jackie Chan Adventures follows Jackie outside of his acting career as an amateur archaeologist working for a university. His desire for a quiet, peaceful life is interrupted however when he finds a talisman embedded in an ancient shield, causing him to come to be targeted by The Dark Hand, a criminal organization led by Valmont and his spirit guide Shendu. Luckily for Jackie, he is not alone as his family aid him in his quest. They are also forced to cooperate with Section 13, a clandestine law enforcement group seeking to counter the threat of The Dark Hand. Notably, a number of episodes reference Chan's actual works as fan service.


Jackie recovers the latest Oni mask before the Dark Hand can get to it. El Toro and Paco visit for Halloween, but they are not told about the dangers of Oni masks.

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