The Jake from State Farm costume is a costume based on a popular State Farm insurance commercial that went viral.

An official version of this costume is sold online by State Farm Insurance. This version comes with a screen-printed State Farm uniformed T-shirt with a name tag that says "Jake", along with a "retro handset" to work with your cellphone which can come in either red or white. It also comes with a "Jake bag" to hold anything else the wearer may desire to carry, or to operate as a trick-or-treating bag. Khakis not included.

A person who desires to use the costume for less can instead simply buy a red polo shirt and khaki pants on their own, perhaps from a thrift store. From there they can make a name tag, or even use a "Hello My Name Is" sticker with "Jake" or even "Jake (from State Farm) written on it. They can then find or purchase an old landline telephone and carry the entire thing with them or just the receiver itself.

A popular couples version of this costume includes the wearer partnering up with someone wearing a Flo from Progressive costume, the mascot of a rival insurance company whose commercials have also gone viral.

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