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Jasper and the Haunted House is a color, stop-motion cartoon that was released to theaters as part of the Puppetoons series on October 23, 1942.


The short opens with an unknown character making a gooseberry pie. The main antagonist of the short, Professor Scarecrow (called Mr. Scarecrow by the main character) and his sidekick blackbird smell something delicious coming their way. Turns out, it is a pie they smell, and they spot the boy carrying it, Jasper. Jasper is flagged down by Scarecrow and Blackbird and asked where he is going. Turns out the boy's Mammy told him to go to the home of Deacon Jones to deliver the pie to him. As he goes on his way, Scarecrow switches a sign in the middle of the road to point the wrong way.

Jasper asks if the opposite way he is going is the way to the local haunted house, but the troublesome twosome tell him that the ghosts went off to fight World War II. They confuse matters further by saying that the Deacon's house is the opposite way. Jasper falls for the trick and heads the way he was not supposed to. When he arrives, he realizes that the house is a lot more scarier than he anticipated. Scarecrow and Blackbird scare him by yelling "put the pie on the table" at the same time, causing the boy to jump into piano and hide. Scarecrow is about to chow down on the pie, telling Blackbird he, "ain't getting any", but soon notices that a piece is gone.

Scarecrow blames Blackbird, but the feathered fellow tells him he didn't. Scarecrow looks at the pie again and notices that the whole tin is empty. Soon, Scarecrow and Blackbird get spooked and jump into the piano that Jasper is hiding in after hearing a disembodied voice, most likely the ghost who haunts the house. Soon, the ghost plays a little piano music and makes everything in the house dance. The piano keys playing causes the three fellows inside it to fly out of the piano and through the roof and straight into a sign out by the road. Jasper is upset about the pie, and Scarecrow tells him to bring the tin back to his mammy so that he can prove that the pie was delivered, though to the wrong person.

But Jasper beats him with the tin as the camera zooms out to reveal that the three characters ended up crashing into a billboard for "Spook's Gooseberry Pie".