Jersey Devil PSX
Not to be confused with the iteration of the monster from The Wolf Among Us.

"The Beast is loose... Just try messing with him!" -- tagline

The Jersey Devil is a player character that appeared in Jersey Devil, a game by Behavior Interactive.

Although the game was not released around Halloween, it took several themes from the holiday and integrated them into the gameplay. As such, it can be suitable playing during October. In terms of game play, he has been compared to Crash Bandicoot. He is considered a part of the later years of the "Mascot War" of the mid- to late-90s.


The Jersey Devil is a mysterious creature, normally keeping to himself. However, when the evil Dr. Knarf attempts to take over Jersey City with an army of mutated vegetables, the Devil takes it upon himself to stop him.

While his appearance can be confusing to the uneducated or unobservant, in truth Jersey wears a full-body purple flight suit that covers everything except for his hands, feet, eyes, and mouth. He wears leather boots and gloves as well as a black belt around his waist.

Powers & abilities

Like most heroes, Jersey is able to punch his opponents, but he is also capable of also performing a jumping spin attack. Being a winged creature, he is able to glide, although his weight appears to be too much for full-fledged powered flight.

Jersey Devil apparently eats or otherwise gains power via pumpkins -- for every 100 he collects, he gains an extra life, in a very similar manner to similar Mascot War protagonists such as Mario's coins and Sonic the Hedgehog's rings.

He also possesses an ability known as Nitro Power and is able to take advantage of nitro boxes. Smashing these boxes can allow him to access hidden levels.

Although not likely part of his own abilities, he can claim tokens that spell out Dr. Knarf's name.


The character, as well as the game he originates from, are named after a cryptozoological creature known also as the Jersey Devil, a demonic creature hailing from the New Jersey area of the eastern coast of the United States of America. Despite this, the character has little to do with the creature itself.

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