Jumpin' Jupiter is a color Merrie Melodies cartoon that was released to theaters on August 6, 1955.


One night, Porky and Sylvester are relaxing, camping in the desert. Sylvester suddenly hears a howl that scares him and Porky proceeds to point out it is a harmless coyote, forcing the cat to go to sleep outside while Porky himself sleeps in his tent.

Suddenly, a tall, bird-shaped alien from the planet Jupiter arrives on Earth, with his mission being to collect some "Animal Life" for an experiment. Sylvester is naturally scared by the alien and tries to warn Porky, but this only makes Porky angry and causes him to boot Sylvester back outside. Eventually, Porky sees the alien who has arrived in their tent, but Porky mistakes the alien for a Navajo Native American and tells him to go back in his 'wigwam', on the supposed pretense he will look at his 'beads and trinkets' in the morning.

Confused, the alien goes back to his flying saucer and drills into the rock to rise up from underneath the campsite and take it back to his home planet. After some more confusion and chaos as Sylvester freaks out and realizes they are leaving Earth, which Porky is completely unaware of and blissfully ignores, they eventually are released from the saucer's top as they leave the gravity field of Earth. Sylvester is utterly panicking and praying at this point, but they land on an alien world and safely wake up to leave (with Porky seeing Earth in the sky and wondering what planet he is looking at), unaware that they are being observed by a pair of giant bird-like aliens as the cartoon irises out...


  • On ABC's The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show, the part where Porky mistakes the bird-like alien for an American Indian while admonishing Sylvester was cut.
  • This was the final cartoon where Porky and Sylvester were paired together and put into a horror themed plot, with the other two being Scaredy Cat and Claws for Alarm.
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