In video games, kaminaris are flashy things which are light windows with skulls on them. They flash when thunder lightning flashes by stormy skies. They are found in mansions in several rooms. The kaminaris scare people sometimes even if they aren't expecting the flash. Kaminaris do not flash if no one is in the room, when they have gone somewhere else in the haunted mansion. They are found in several rooms including bedrooms that have windows which contain stripes and/or designed with skull on the window. These are also featured in Sonic Heroes in the stage Mystic Mansion. Kaminaris are part of several Halloween movies and games.

  • A kaminari texture.
  • A kaminari model.
  • A front side of the kaminari model.
  • The back side of the kaminari model.
  • The back of the kaminari model.
  • The third kaminari model.
  • A kaminari flashes.
  • Another kaminari in a room.
  • Kaminaris flash in a straight hallway
  • A kaminari disappears after the flash.
  • The kaminari flashes when team chaotix is in the room.
  • 3 of the kaminaris from rooms.


  • Kaminari is a Japanese girl's name meaning thunder.[1][2] That is also named "thunder" through the game's source code on Sonic Heroes.


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