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some kids in costume

Aren't they cute?


Some special safety concerns with kid's costumes are

  • that a child who is trick-or-treating has good visibility. Are the eye holes in the right place and large enough? Do they stay in the right place if the child runs or jumps?
  • tripping. Is it too long or have dangling parts that could cause a bad fall -- especially when a child runs in the dark?
  • poking or cutting. If there's a sharp or pointy part of the costume -- a sword or wand -- is it secured? (Remember Harry Potter's first wand was only 11 inches long.) Stores sell (or you could make) foam swords.
  • reflective parts. Does the costume have, or can you add, reflective parts, so the wearer is more visible at night to passing drivers? Can you add reflective gems, glowing necklaces or crowns, light sabers or reflective tape to the costume?
  • choking. Be careful about scarfs, nooses, long ties or anything that goes around the neck and could be accidentally tightened, especially for very small children or babies.