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The Kurokyuras' (クロキュラ) are a type of short vampire enemies fought exclusively in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Halloween-themed Pumpkin Zone. They attack Mario by launching small bats known as Minikyura at him, which can be either jumped on top of or completely avoided. Once an opening makes itself available, Mario should jump on the Kurokyura's head or simply spit a fireball at it.


  • Jumping on one of the Minikyura is key to reaching a secret goal in the stage.
  • The Kurokyura is notably one of the only humanoid enemies that have appeared in the Mario franchise.
  • The name is a combination of 「黒」 kuro meaning "black" and 「ドラキュラ」 Dorakyura meaning "Dracula".

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