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Little Muppet Monsters is a television series featuring the Muppet characters. It combined both live action puppeteer work with animated segments. Only three episodes were aired, leaving the series to be on CBS for two weeks, between September 14, 1985 and September 28, 1985.


The show was anchored by three young Muppet monsters: Tug (performed by Richard Hunt), Molly (performed by Camille Bonora), and Boo (performed by David Rudman). The three have started their own basement show following an incident where Scooter has them put in the basement after Molly and Boo played water polo in the living room. They are joined by Nicky Napoleon (performed by James Kroupa) and his Emperor Penguins as their music act.


Aired episodes

  1. In the Beginning
  2. Space Cowboys
  3. The Great Boodini

Unreleased episodes

  1. Hi, Mars
  2. Monster Measles
  3. Gonzo's Talent Hunt
  4. Can't Stop the Music
  5. Boo Monster Ace Reporter
  6. Feels Like Rain
  7. Foo-Foo Phooey
  8. Penguin for a Day
  9. Gunko
  10. Mail-Order Guest


  • The first season of a later Muppet series, Muppet Babies, did so well in the ratings that CBS decided to expand the series from thirty minutes to an hour by pairing Muppet Babies with Little Muppet Monsters, calling the hour-long package Muppets, Babies and Monsters.