Lock (Kingdom Hearts II)

Lock is a pale-skinned boy from Halloween Town who dresses up as a stereotypical red Imp and spends his time hanging out with fellow children Shock and Barrel. Interestingly, he may be an actual Imp, as he is seen to move his tail throughout his adventures, indicating that it probably isn't just a part of his outfit.

He and his two friends have formed a makeshift gang to cause mischief; as the eldest member (believed to be around 6-years-old), he is the leader of this gang though not without receiving the occasional insult and quarreling. Through unknown means Lock, Shock, and Barrel met and joined forces with Oogie Boogie and became his henchmen, although their loyalty to him was questionable, at best as they were known to have done jobs for Jack Skellington as well.

It is Jack who hires them to travel into the newly-discovered Halloween Town to kidnap the Holiday Spirit they mistakenly refer to as "Sandy Claws"; however they initially kidnap the Easter Bunny by mistake but succeed on their second attempt. With Jack telling them to make the Christmas Spirit comfortable they decide to show him to their master, who later claims him as his own. Later on the trio lead the Mayor to Oogie's lair to find Santa.


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