Mighty Mouse Meets Jekyll and Hyde Cat is a color Mighty Mouse cartoon that was released to theaters on April 28, 1944.


The short opens on a fine day in May with some mice having a picnic in a meadow, when suddenly, a storm blows in. The mice spot an abandoned house, but are unaware that the house was once the home of Dr. Henry Jekyll. They are greeted inside by Jekyll's cat, the only inhabitant. But the cat shows his true colors when he tries to capture the mice. The mice prove to be too much for him, and he proceeds to create the same formula that created Mr. Edward Hyde. He uses it and transforms into a monster cat. Mighty Mouse is soon alerted to the dilemma, and rushes into the house ready to fight. Mighty Mouse manages to defeat the Hyde Cat, and unintentionally causes a fire to start. Mighty Mouse manages to get the mice out just in time as the house launches into the sky like a rocket when the fire meets some spilled chemicals.

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