Milton the Monster, also called The Milton the Monster Show, is an American cartoon series that originally aired on ABC between October 9, 1965 and September 8, 1968.


The story of the series involved a Frankenstein's monster look-alike with a flat-topped, and seemingly hollow, head named Milton. He was created by a mad scientist named Professor Montgomery Weirdo and his assistant Count Kook, who lived in a haunted house on Horror Hill. However, Milton was given too much tenderness during his creation, as explained during the opening of each episode. Milton was created, not from body parts, but from in a mold from liquids such as "essence of terror" and "sinister sauce". Since the doctor feared his creation could consider destroying him, Milton was also given a touch of "tincture of tenderness". However, thanks to Count Kook, too much tenderness was thrown in, thus resulting in Milton being a more friendly monster than anticipated.


  • Zelda the Zombie
  • Boy Meet Ghoul
  • Monsters for Hire
  • Who Do VooDoo?
  • The Pot Thickens
  • Medium Undone
  • Monster Mutiny
  • Ghoul School
  • Hector the Protector
  • Horrorbaloo
  • Goon Platoon
  • The Dummy Talks
  • A Pie In The Sky
  • Monstrous Escape
  • Abercrombie the Zombie
  • V for Vampire
  • Witch Crafty
  • The Hearse Thief
  • Kid Stuff
  • The Flying Cup and Saucer
  • The Moon Goons
  • Skullgaria Forever
  • Fort Fangenstein
  • Batnap
  • Monstrous Monster
  • The Mummy's Thumb
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