Minor Demon (MM1 PC)

Original PC sprite

Minor Devils are monsters found in the 1986 video game Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum, and are considered the most dangerous foes one can face in the cavern under Sorpigal. They can be hard to deal with in groups despite being less powerful than the Arch Devils. While their attack is very weak, dealing a mere 4 HP of damage—however like the Minor Demon they have access to a special attack known as the Energy Blast that hits for 12 damage and can also regenerate lost health up to 4 HP each turn. What is worse is that they can cast their spells even in melee range.

As a whole they are fairly intelligent and will advance themselves to the front lines should weaker allies stand there, but not if they are wounded until they fully regenerate.

When fighting these creatures, the player is hard pressed to focus on the Devils to prevent unnecessary damage to their party, even if there are a good number of weaker foes to contend with as well. Since the Minor Devils have a low AC rating they are easy to hit. Unfortunately their Energy Blasts cannot be resisted, and they are magic resistant themselves, meaning the player should avoid casting offensive spells and only use blessings for the round. Mass spells such as weakness will sometimes work on Minor Devils as while resistant they do not have complete spell immunity.

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