Moa Adventure of Link

A Moa is a type of apparition that resembles a large, disembodied eyeball, capable of floating and doing so typically in a swooping manner. They lack both mouths and claws, but they are covered in a lubrication which coats their external membranes is toxic to the touch. Physical strikes from Moas are either so powerful so as to cause concussions or they magically induce short term memory loss, as victims are reported to lose or otherwise forget prior experience. They are pack hunters, and can usually be found in significant numbers.

Four types of Moa are known to have existed during the Era of Decline, though they had not been reported during any other era of Hyrule.

West Hyrule Moa

Also known as Red Moas, these are the weakest breed of Moa and can be found in graveyards of Western Hyrule. Unlike some other breeds, they are always visible to everyone. When floating about, they often change their altitude slightly with each swoop.

Surprisingly, those found within the Death Mountain area had completely replaced the Ghinis that had been reported there only a few short years earlier. This may indicate that Moa are somehow evolved from Ghinis, considering the cyclopean physiology of this other breed of ghosts.

East Hyrule Moa

Also known as Blue Moas, these are considered the most powerful Moa subspecies. They are able to camouflage themselves, being virtually invisible to those who do not wield a magical cross. This breed is found within graveyards in the Eastern section of Hyrule as well as in the lava flows around the Great Palace.

Kasuto Moa

Also known as Purple Moas, they are almost as powerful as those found in Eastern Hyrule, yet are for some reason incapable of diminishing experience. For unknown reasons, they are found only within the town of Old Kasuto. Like Blue Moas, these purple-hued eyes require a magical cross to be seen. Other than this they are just as strong as the Blue Moas.

Fiery Moa

Also known as Orange Moas, these are the most unique subspecies of Moa. Located only within Hyrule's various palaces, they remain distant from victims and weep or otherwise drip flames from their bodies, becoming a real threat should other dangerous creatures be lurking about.


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