Monster Masher (MM2 Genesis)

Genesis sprite

Monster Mashers are a rare, undead monster found in the 1988 video game Might and Magic Book II: Gates to Another World. They can appear during random encounters in dangerous areas such as the Desert of Desolation, although a party usually won't have to worry about them showing up. However, a single Monster Masher must be battled alongside a Lich Lord in order to rescue the hireling Mr. Wizard.

Despite their intimidating appearance, they are not particularly strong opponents; even so, they can be a serious hassle due to their special powers. The Disintegration spell for instance can instantly eradicate one party member, removing them from the field of battle; one must then cure the affected party member outside of battle should they desire them to return to consciousness. Thankfully, the spell will usually get resisted. Their melee attack can also kill its target instantly, even if it does not reduce their hit points to 0. They may not be strong but they are still somewhat difficult to encounter as they possess a high armor class. It is to the adventurer's luck that any spell will work on them, unlike those of other monsters with similar stats.

They are similar in appearance to Frankenstein's monster.

Behind the scenes

  • The term 'monster masher' appears to be a reference to the song Monster Mash.

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