Mummy (H4)

Mummies are an extra undead unit associated with the Necropolises of Axeoth, serving as a second-level creature in the video game Heroes of Might and Magic IV. Although associated with that town type, they cannot be built therein, and instead must be purchased at the Embalmer's Lab, an external dwelling found on the adventure map.

In terms of other Necropolis monsters, the mummy is a fairly solid walker. However, they ought to be abandoned by most armies by late-game, since half of a Necropolis' units are fliers, and a stack of mummies will just slow down the rest of the army at that point, where movement may be prove crucial to success.

With this in mind, though, they are sturdy enough for early- to mid-game usage, and they are solid enough to protect weaker units despite their slow movement speed. They possess the only creature-based Curse ability in the game, which can seriously hinder enemy attacks by forcing creature stacks they attack to always deal minimal damage. Because of this, a hero should have their mummies try and attack each stack at least once, in order to spread the curse.

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