Mummy (H5)

"Reviving embalmed corpses of ancient Mages are a serious ordeal for any army. Attacking their enemies, the Mummies can curse them with various spells of Dark Magic. Besides, the Mummies are able to resurrect their allies." — In-game description

Mummies are a neutral undead unit in the video game Heroes of Might and Magic V. Unlike earlier iterations of the creature type, the Ashan mummies are able to cast their Curse as a spell as well as cursing any enemy regularly attacked which can, as usual, greatly hinder another creature stack's ability to attack.

Mummy (H5) Icon

Players should keep in mind that they have a high initiative but at the cost of speed. While they can now cast Curse as a spell and therefore at range, doing so will cost the creature stack its turn. A clever wielder will field them to protect the army's shooters rather than attempt to send them into the heat of battle.

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