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My Babysitter's a Vampire is a vampire-themed Canadian TV series. It is a sequel to the 2010 TV movie of the same name. Like the movie, as the series went on it got very popular. So far it has only run for two seasons. The show started in 2011. Although it has not officially been canceled, the show last released new episodes in 2012.

The series was connected to a free mobile phone app, called Humans vs. Vampires, which began development before the first season but was released during the second season. Unique to a video game, scores players earned in the game affected the Season 2 season finale's outcome.

List of episodes

"Lawn of the Dead"

To impress a girl that he really likes, Benny resurrects a girl's dog to get her attention. But things get out of hang when other peoples pets start coming back to life.

"Three Cheers For Evil"

When Erica joins a cheerleading team, Ethan has a vision of her being the leader of the group. So Benny, Ethan and Sarah go undercover.

"Blood Drive"

Ethan and Benny find out that the local blood-drive is being led by a team of vampires.

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"Guys & Dolls"

Jane brings her doll to life and the group takes action to stop her doll from turning other people into dolls.

"Double Negative"

A weird camera makes a clone of Benny.

"Friday Night Frights"

Eathan tries out for wrestling after being visited by the ghost of a wrestling coach.

"Smells Like Trouble"

Benny makes a love potion. He makes one girl fall in love with him and another fall in love with Ethan.

"Die Pod"

After being chopped down, a tree hacks into a computer in the school and starts to take over.

"Blue Moon"

The guys try to prove that their friend is a werewolf.

"Doug the Vampire Hunter"

When Benny's role model Doug comes to town, he must protect his supernatural friends from him.

"The Brewed"

After dinkng coffee from a cafe a zombie infection spreads around the school and Benny and Ethan have to stop it.

"Three Geeks and a Demon"

After Rory unleashes a demon by accident, Benny and Ethan must protect Sarah.


Jesse returns from the dead and hunts for Sarah. Benny and Ethan must protect her.


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