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Paranormal Witness is a paranormal documentary TV series. The show premiered in the United States on the Syfy channel in 2011 with a double episode called "Emily the Imaginary Friend/ The Lost Girl". The show still airs today. The third season is currently in production.


"Emily the Imaginary Friend/ The Lost Girl"

A five-year-old girl makes an imaginary friend Emily, without the parents knowing she has befriended a malevolent spirit. Later, a family comes home from church and has an encounter with a roadside ghost.

"Haunted Highway/ Kentucky UFO chase"

A man's daughter and grandson disappear on a highway, a guardian angel watches over his still living grandson. Later, a police helicopter gets chased by a UFO.

"The Poltergeist/ Watched in the Wilderness"

A family moves into a house and has an encounter with a poltergeist. Later, a former deputy sheriff is haunted in the woods by a mysterious creature.

"The Haunting of Mansfield Mansion"

A woman moves into her dream home but disturbs the spirits while renovating it and finds out the history of the house is very dark.

"The Dangerous Game/Trumbull County UFO"

A family goes through an encounter with a Vox spirit after messing with a spirit board. Later, police record sightings of a UFO in Trumbull County.

"The Rain Man"

A prisoner released from prison to go to his grandfathers funeral leads to a demonic possession.

"Man in the Attic"

A mother is terrorized by the spirit of an old man living in her home.

"The Brooklyn Haunting"

A family has a paranormal encounter in their new townhouse.

"Capital Theatre Haunting"

A police officer has an encounter with an usher ghost who sacrificed himself to try to save a group of people.

"The Dybbuk Box"

A dybbuk spirit is released from a dybbuk box.

"Lady On The Stairs"

A woman haunts the former home of the uncle who raped her.

"The Apartment"

An entity follows a mother and daughter from apartment to apartment no matter where they go.

"The Real Haunting in Connecticut"

A family moves to their dream home only for the mother to battle a demon which possesses her son.

"Fox Hollow Farm"

A family is haunted by a serial killer who once lived in their mansion.

"The Abduction"

The story of the abduction of Travis Walton in 1975 by aliens.

"The Cabin/Ghost in the Garden"

A creature said to be a werewolf is tracked to a cabin in the woods. Later, a man sees an apparation of a red-headed girl in his yard.

"The Good Skeleton/Hollywood Sign Haunting"

A group of hikers have an encounter with an apparation of a lady in a white dress near the Hollywood sign. Later, a family believes that their new cottage is protected by something.

"The Tenants"

A family moves to a home in Chicago and finds disturbing history of the house.

"The Long Island Terror"

A widow and her children purchase a home not knowing that it was previously owned by devil worshipers.

"The Lost Boy"

A couple are haunted by a boy they never had.

"The Curse Of Lonergan Farm"

A group of brothers talk about their bad memories on their farm as children.

"Dining with the Dead"

After renovating a restaurant, the owners believe they have opened a portal to spirit world.

"Deliver Us From Evil"

A Baptist family moves into a house and fights a battle for it with a bat-like demon.

"The Hospital Hauntings"

Hospital owners talk about their encounters with the angel of death.

"The Manson Curse"

A man builds a home on the property of which victims of Charles Manson were murdered.

"The Bad Man"

Stories of an encounter with a Freddy Krueger-like entity are told.

"The Wolf Pack"

Five werewolves haunt a family and hold them hostage in their new home for a whole night.

"The Saint of Death"

A man is haunted by a saint in the criminal world.

"The Lynchville Secret"

A dead mayor's ghost battles a mother and her children.

"The House on the Lake"

A man turns a lakeside mansion into an apartment building unaware that it is haunted.

"A Ghostly Affair"

A man and his wife buy a house, only to find out that a jilted socialite committed suicide in there.

"Through the Eyes of a Killer"

This episode tells the story of a woman who somehow tracked down a killer with no evidence of where he was.

"The Innocent"

A family moves into a home and starts to go through paranormal activity, but a woman who sits in a car all day and cannot take her eyes off of the house makes friends with them and tells them about her history with the house.

"The Coven"

The story of a coven of witches who were said to have trapped people in a house that was haunted.

"The Visitors"

The journey of a former engineer for NASA from being skeptic about ghosts to a beliver after his encounter.

"The Harpy"

A young family is terrorized by a malevolent spirit who takes the form of a little innocent girl.

"The Exorcist"

The story about an exorcist who was trained in Rome who to preform exorcisms.

"The Rendelsham Files"

Several army men, including a colonel, claim to have seen a U.F.O attacking a U.S. air base.

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