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Fairy costume

If your children like Peppa Pig, they will wear a Peppa Pig costume on Halloween. Don’t forget they will say, “OINK!”


Earn you little fairy pigs a Peppa Pig fairy costume! Let your children fly around the streets holding a Peppa Pig basket! Let them say “OINK!” as “Trick or treat!” Let your children become the best costume in the neighbourhood!

With Teddy

Does your children like their style of Peppa Pig with Teddy? Then earn them a Peppa Pig costume with Teddy! And you can also earn the plush (aka soft toy) Teddy! They will hold Teddy and skip around the streets. Your children need to say “OINK!” instead of “BOO!” or “Trick or treat!” with a Peppa Pig basket. People vote they are the best costume in the neighbourhood!

Normal style

Do your children just like the right style of Peppa Pig? Then give them a normal Peppa Pig costume with basket! They will make the real planet Earth into Peppa’s world! You can take them to Peppa Pig World in Paultons Park to meet Peppa and George! Even the little pigs’ parents, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig! They will say “OINK!” instead of “BOO!”.

Costume with Teddy

Normal style costume

How to wear a normal Peppa Pig costume

You need:

  • Pig ears, nose and tail set
  • Pink long sleeves top
  • Red dress
  • Pink tights (Optional)
  • Pink trousers (Optional)
  • Black school shoes
  • Pink socks (Optional)


  1. Put the trousers/tights on the wearer’s legs and pinch and pull.
  2. If the wearer’s wearing trousers, put socks on.
  3. Now put the pink long sleeved top on the wearer’s arms and tummy.
  4. Put the red dress on the wearer.
  5. Put the school shoes on the wearer’s feet.
  6. And finally put the pig set on the body.

Now the wearer is ready to hunt!