"The Ghost with the Most" is the ninth episode of the first season of Pixie, Dixie, and Mr. Jinks. It first aired on November 27, 1958.


The episode opens with the mice Pixie and Dixie having some fun with a roller skate, unaware that Mr. Jinks the cat is right around the corner. Jinks then lifts the cover of a vent in the floor, and causes the two mice to fall in. Pixie and Dixie know that only Jinks would do something like this, and he appears right on cue. The mice run, but Jinks heads around the corner to meet them on the other side. And he does meet them, with a dust pan-like object. As the two mice run, Jinks clobbers Dixie, but misses Pixie. Jinks then checks on Dixie, to see if he's still alive. He soon thinks that Dixie is playing possum, however, he soon changes his perspective when he thinks he killed Dixie. He hides the "lifeless" Dixie, and runs away. Dixie, however, tells Pixie he was just playing possum. They soon see Jinks scared out of his wits, thinking he killed Dixie when he did not mean to. Dixie then gets an idea and heads back to the mouse hole to explain it to Pixie. Dixie dresses as a ghost, because his plan is to scare Jinks. The two mice do manage to scare him by making a door creak, rattle some chains, and make a curtain draw up so fast that the sound nearly scares Jinks out of eight of his nine lives. Dixie then takes over, and tells Jinks to do whatever Pixie wants, or else he will be haunted. However, Jinks soon catches on to their little plan and turns the tables on them.

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