Pluto's Judgement Day is a color Mickey Mouse cartoon that was released to theaters on August 31, 1935.


The short opens with Pluto chasing a kitten through the window and straight into Mickey's lap. Mickey scolds him for his actions, both past and present, towards cats and tells him that he'll have plenty to answer for on his judgement day. Mickey tells Pluto to lay down while he goes and washes the little kitten off. Pluto falls asleep in front of the fireplace, and begins to dream. Soon, a cat appears through the door and wakes Pluto up. The cat tells Pluto to follow him outside so they can fight, Pluto charges, though hesitant and trying to remember what Mickey told him, but the cat taunts him by calling him yellow.

Pluto then begins to chase after the cat, until they come to a mountain that has what looks like a cat face on it. The eyes suddenly shine on Pluto and the tongue, which he is standing on, rolls back and sends Pluto inside. Soon, Pluto finds that he's sitting on a platform that says Public Enemy Number 1, he's also chained down from his neck to his tail, and cats are everywhere. Suddenly, a big cat wearing a red cloak appears and tells Pluto that he's on trial for the crimes against cats that he committed. The witnesses/victims testify, including one cat that Pluto chased under a moving steamroller which flattened him, a cat that was traumatized into getting dog-shock by Pluto, and three kittens who saw Pluto drink their milk, steal their liver, and push their uncle Tom into a river. The judge tells the jury to do their duty, and they go through a revolving door, already aware of what verdict they will give.

The jury declares Pluto guilty of all charges against him, and is taken to the "hot seat", which is a seat that is suspended above an open flame by a rope. The flames nearly burn the rope completely, until the log in the fireplace right behind Pluto in the real world breaks and sends a hot piece right at him. Pluto, still asleep, howls in pain, and jumps into the tub of water that Mickey is cleaning the kitten with. Pluto finally wakes up, and is terrified of the cat at first, but Mickey encourages them to make up, and they do, which shows Pluto's new attitude towards cats.


  • According to fans, this short is considered to be one of the darkest films that Disney ever made, considering its theme and setting.
  • Some fans consider this short as part of what they call the "Disney Halloween Triple", a trio of shorts that include this one, Lonesome Ghosts and Trick or Treat.
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