Pluto's Sweater is a color Pluto cartoon that was released to theaters on April 29, 1949. Though not entirely a Halloween cartoon, the near end of the short has been featured in both Disney's Halloween Treat and A Disney Halloween.


The short opens with Minnie knitting something, and it is revealed to be a sweater. Pluto gets a look at it and thinks it's for Minnie, but Figaro thinks it's for Pluto. Turns out that it is indeed for Pluto. But Pluto is very uncomfortable with his gift, it makes him itch and Figaro starts making fun of him with it on. Minnie tells Pluto to go outside, where he is laughed at by other dogs. So, Pluto tries everything to get the sweater off of him, and nearly succeeds. However, he falls into a lake and causes the sweater to shrink and fit on his head like a mask. This gives Pluto an idea. Meanwhile, Minnie is reading a book titled, The Hooded Monster and is getting nervous as she reads. Suddenly, she hears something off to her right, and Pluto comes up with his "sweater mask" and gives both her and Figaro a real fright. However, Minnie recognizes the body and finds that it's Pluto, but is very upset with what happened to the sweater. This gives Pluto another idea, he notices Figaro laughing, points him out to Minnie, and Minnie gets the picture immediately. Now with Figaro in the sweater, Pluto gets his chance to laugh.

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