"Poltergeists live in the vaults of the old ruined castle, located right at the edge of Heresh. More than anything else, poltergeists have a hatred for archers, and will always endeavour to empty their quivers before they start shooting." — In-game description

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Poltergeist (H5)

Poltergeists are a third-tier undead unit associated with Necropolises, serving as an alternate upgrade for the ghosts in the video game Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East, the expansion to Heroes of Might and Magic V. When upgrading their ghosts, the player must choose between these monsters and the Spectres. This choice comes to how the player prefers to fight in battle, and whether they hate spellcasters or archers more.

In addition to the three abilities of the ghost, they have also gained the archer-decimating steal ammunition ability, which also makes poltergeists a small benefit against ranged armies by protecting the entire army to some extent. They also have a higher damage output and more hit points.

As with earlier incarnations, they have Undead status, which causes their morale to always be neutral, and in this game makes them unaffected by Poison-, Blind-, or Mind-related magical spells. They are also Incorporeal, which makes any non-magical attack made against them only have a 50% chance of actually inflicting damage. They still remain flyers, and can therefore move to any free tile on the battle screen during their turn, regardless of any obstacles along the path. Steal ammunition, their new-found ability allows them to steal ammo from all enemy stacks within their range as an activated ability, which is very effective against ranged foes, especially powerful shooters. However, this ability can only be performed once per battle, per stack of Poltergeists.

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