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"The Ghost Host" is the hundred and forty-seventh episode of the first season of the Popeye the Sailor animated series. It originally aired on ABC in 1960.


The episode opens with Popeye and Olive driving down a road, when they suddenly get a flat tire. Popeye manages to fix the flat, and they're soon back on the road. Suddenly, Olive notices that the weather is changing and a storm is coming. Popeye doesn't think so, but he's soon corrected once the rain starts falling. Popeye spots an old house up on a hill that they could rest in till the storm blows over, and Olive rushes them to the front porch. However, when Popeye rings the doorbell, and no one answers, he decides to push the door in.

However, the door opens by itself and Popeye crashes into the wall inside. Popeye realizes that the door somehow opened before he pushed it in, and Olive thinks that there is something spooky about the house. And when the door closes by itself, she immediately knows that the house is haunted. Popeye tells Olive there are no such things as ghosts, but he is soon confused when he sees a pair of shoes walking with no one wearing them. In another room, three ghosts are watching everything and enjoying every second of it.

Popeye tells Olive that he'll start up the fireplace so they can dry off, but the fireplace lights up on its own, as if right on cue. Popeye is amazed, and Olive says that she's getting hungry. The ghosts take notice, and decide to dish out "Operation: Meatball". Suddenly, a whole table appears and is set in the blink of an eye. Olive turns and notices, and Popeye says that all you have to do in the house is think of something, and there it is. Olive states that their ride gave her an appetite, and Popeye adds that he is so hungry he could eat a horse.

Suddenly, a horse appears on the table, to Popeye and Olive's disbelief, and it immediately disappears. Suddenly, Popeye gets smacked by the tablecloth and everything on the table. The ghosts laugh, but Popeye has had all he can stand and can't stand no more. Popeye pops open his can of spinach, takes Olive outside, and lifts and shakes the house and makes the three ghosts out. The ghosts are frightened by Popeye's strength, and leave. Olive notices, and Popeye hums his theme tune.


  • The three ghosts speak in typical "sixties" talk. This means they often use words like "man" or "like" in their sentences.
  • The same 60's slang is heard from the same ghost in two Deputy Dawg episodes, "Nobody's Ghoul" and "Just Ghost 't Show You".