Reverend Henry Kane in Poltergeist II.

Reverend Henry Kane also known as The Beast is the main antagonist in the Poltergeist film series. He is the ghost of an angry reverend. His main goal is to abduct Carol Anne so he can gain access to the real world.

Fictional character biography

Reverend Henry Kane is the main antagonist in Poltergeist II: The Other Side and Poltergeist III.

When he was alive in the 19th century, he was the leader of a Satanic group which had a negative view of the world. During the first Poltergeist movie, he is not seen, but he and his forces were buried under Carol Anne's family's house and Kane kidnapped Carol Anne in order for him and his followers to gain access to the real world again, however Carol Anne was eventually rescued and his plan failed.

Carol Anne and her family move away but the forces find them again eventually and he actually confronts the family in person and tells them to get rid of the Indian trying to protect the house from the demons. When the Indian leaves, he starts to torture the family again. He kidnaps Carol Anne a second time, but she is rescued again.

In the third movie, Carol Anne stays in Chicago with her aunt and uncle, but Kane manages to track her down and continues to haunt her. He kidnaps her when she is home alone, and her cousin and her friends are having a party. When her aunt and uncle come home, a battle between good and evil rages throughout the building. Kane fails a third time and is finally defeated and Carol Anne was rescued for the third time.


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