Rotting Corpse (MM1 PC)
Ghoul (MM1 NES)

The ghostly NES sprite

Rotting Corpses are a low-level undead monster found in the 1986 video game Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum. They only have a low armor class, speed and damage output, yet possess high hit points, consistent of zombies in many games. Luckily for adventurers, being undead they are weak to the Turn Undead spell, which can be exploited to easily fell a number of them. For smaller clusters, however, one should instead focus on high-damage spells or persistent physical attacks.

Their original sprite was shared with the Rabid Leper. When the game was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System, its sprite was replaced with a far more ghostly appearance, well removed from the typical idea of a zombie.

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