"Scaredy Cat" is a color Merrie Melodies cartoon. It was released to theaters on December 18, 1948.


Porky Pig and his cat Sylvester recently bought a new home from a real-estate agent, but soon realize that it's a Gothic style house. Though Porky sees it as quaint and peaceful, Sylvester sees it as anything but. Sylvester is easily spooked by a bat, Porky shames him for it and heads upstairs to bed. Sylvester, though frightened, is forced to sleep in the kitchen. Soon, Sylvester finds that the house is overrun with mice, killer mice, that is, as evidenced by one wearing an executioner's hood wielding an ax. Sylvester tries to warn Porky, but he does not believe him, which drives Sylvester to try to commit suicide, though Porky stops him.

Sylvester ends up getting the short end of the stick while protecting both himself and his owner from the murdering mice. Until, that is, when the mice kidnap Porky. Sylvester leaves, but his conscious starts prompting the frightened feline to come to Porky's rescue. With a tree in hand and courage in his heart, Sylvester rescues his owner and drives the mice out of the house.


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