Cold as clay

What Jim looks like when they open his grave.

"Cold as Clay" is the eighth story included in the book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Unlike the other stories and poems, this one does not end with a scream or a yell.


There is a farmer who has a daughter that he really cares for. His daughter falls in love with another farmer named Jim. The farmer is not very fond of him so he sends his daughter to go and live with her uncle. Jim becomes very sad, gets sick and dies. It is rumored that Jim died of a broken heart. The farmer feels so bad so he decides not to tell his daughter. Jim arrives at her uncle's and says that her father had asked him to pick her up. On the way she touches him, says that he is as cold as clay and wraps her handkerchief around his head. When they come home her father says that he had not sent for her and when his daughter turns around, Jim is gone. Then her father tells her the truth about Jim. They go to see Jim's parents and decide to open his grave. When they open it they see the daughter's handkerchief wrapped around his head.

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