The haunted house

What the dead woman looks like.

"The Haunted House" is the tenth story included in the book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.


A preacher goes to a haunted house where nobody has ever stayed the night because of the intense hauntings that have been happening. The preacher lights a fire, starts reading his Bible and waits. At midnight he hears a bang back by the cellar and hears footsteps but they go away. Then he hears them again and a dead twenty-year-old woman comes into the room. She has no eyes and the flesh on her face is rotten. She tells the preacher that a man murdered her and had dumped her body in the cellar and that he must find her bones and bury her properly. The preacher brings the bones to church the next day. A man touches a finger bone and it is sticks to his hand. He admits that he committed the murder. He is taken to prison and executed. The preacher buries the woman's body properly and she rests in peace.

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