The wendigo

The hunter follows Defago's tracks.

"The Wendigo" is the seventeenth story included in the book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.


A rich hunter decides to hunt in a dangerous place. He tries to get guides to go with him but none will go because they say it is too dangerous. Eventually, an Indian named Defago agrees to go with him. The first night they set up their tent. It is very windy. The hunter decides to look outside to check the weather but sees that there is no wind at all. He goes back inside his tent and the wind starts up again. Then the wind calls Defago's name. Defago goes mad and runs away screaming. The next day, the hunter goes out to look for him. He follows Defago's tracks, which end over the frozen lake. He suspects that Defago fell beneath the ice but there is no crack or any other evidence that he could have. The hunter heads back to camp, packs up and leaves. After he returns, he asks the guides if they have seen Defago but they have not. The next year he comes back and sees an Indian who has his face covered. He lifts his head up to look at him and just sees burnt ashes.

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