Wait till martin comes

The three cats stare at the old man.

"Wait Till Martin Comes" is the twenty-eighth story inclued in the book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.


An old man is on his walk. It starts to storm and he finds shelter at an old house. He finds out that there is nobody in the house and decides to take a nap. He wakes up and sees a black cat staring at him but falls back asleep. Then, he wakes up again and sees another black cat but that one is as big as a wolf. It asks the little cat "Should we do it now?" and the little cat answers "No, let's wait till Martin comes.". The old man thinks that he is dreaming and falls back asleep. He wakes up again and this time there are three cats but the third cat is the size of a tiger. It asks both of the cats the same question and the other cats give him the same answer. The old man gets up and says "Tell Martin I couldn't wait." and he runs home.

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