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"My Big Brother" is a Halloween-themed episode of the American sitcom, Scrubs. It originally aired on October 31, 2002, on NBC. It was the series' second Halloween episode, following season 1's "My Bad".


As Halloween is approaching, J.D. is nervous, because his older brother Dan is coming to visit. J.D. is annoyed how Dan pretends to be a doctor, and how he sees Dan hitting on his friend, and ex-girlfriend, Elliot Reid. J.D. soon comes to realize that the problems he is facing with Dan are because he is ashamed to be Dan's brother.

Along with the tension he is facing due to Dan, the Janitor warns J.D. that he is going to trick him that day. J.D. becomes worried about what the Janitor will do, and when a man dressed in a gorilla costume comes, and harasses J.D., J.D. believes that this man is Janitor. J.D. later confronts the Janitor, but he denies being the gorilla.

J.D.'s best friend Turk also has a rough day. Turk treats a patient named Mr. Carney. Dr. Cox bets Turk that Mr. Carney will die on him. Turk agrees to this bet. When Turk is able to save Mr. Carney's life, he is at first happy that he won the bet, but then Dr. Cox makes him feel guilty, by telling him that he just bet on a human life. A guilty feeling Turk and his girlfriend Carla, decide to make amends by going to the funeral of a patient, who Turk was unfortunately not able to save. Turk and Carla are eventually thrown out of the funeral. Dr. Cox finally makes Turk feel better about betting on human life, by explaining to him that doctors need to make jokes throughout the day, because that is the only way for them to get through the day.

In the end, J.D. and Turk go to the bar for a Halloween party, dressed as pigs. J.D. says in his narraration, that sometimes, people need to act like a child. It is also revealed, that the gorilla who was annoying J.D., was the chief of medicine, Dr. Kelso.

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