Severed Monster Fingers

A tray of severed monster fingers.

Severed monster fingers are a unique treat you can make to help spice up your Halloween night. Although they would be too fragile to properly hand out to trick-or-treaters, they can still be used as a snack at a Halloween dinner party or at a haunted house.

To make this special treat, dye white chocolate green with food coloring and then dip pretzel sticks into the mixture. Leave a small amount of the pretzel sticking out; this will serve as the severed part of the fingers. Next, add a sliced almond or a pumpkin seed to the other end as a fingernail. Make sure that the pointed side sticks outwards. Take a toothpick or similar item to score the chocolate to make knuckles. Each finger should have two or three knuckles, depending on your preference. Allow the fingers to dry. Serve and enjoy the spookiness!

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