A Skilevak is a type of undead creature depicted in Halloween decorations by Ross stores. It is a humanoid skeleton, usually wearing a short, blue dress. Instead of eyes, it has a black bat with orange eyes on its face. The legs of a Skilevak are made out of giant eyeballs, connected by thin strains of soft tissue. Each Skilevak-figure is holding a small ghost because skilevaks nurture other undead creatures.

The name Skilevak was coined by Jonathan Wojcik in a review of Halloween decorations.


Skilevaks are able to turn people into skilevaks by sending their face-bats to merge with a new host. The bat is also able to sense living creatures without seeing them. A skilevaks only senses what the bat senses as long as the creature is attached to its face.

The leg-eyes give the skilevak the ability to look into all directions at once. If somebody stares into the skilevaks leg-eyes, they are transfixed until they say the skilevaks name three times backwards.

Skilevaks are also able to summon spectres to aid them in battle. They are also able to revive their enemies under their control.


  • There are several versions of stats for Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder for the skilevak.


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