"Spectres are restless spirits bound to the service of the Necromancer who has enslaved them. Their bodies are incorporeal, which makes them harder to hit. The chilling touch of these spirits can drain the mana of enemy creatures, restoring the Spectre with stolen magic." — In-game description

Spectre (H5) Icon
Spectre (H5)

Spectres are a third-tier undead unit associated with Necropolises, serving as the default upgrade for the ghosts in the video game Heroes of Might and Magic V. However, if the player has access to the |Tribes of the East expansion set, the player can choose to upgrade their ghosts into either spectres into poltergeists.

In addition to the three abilities of the ghost, they have also gained the spellcaster-decimating mana drain ability, which also makes spectres far easier to maintain losses of. They also have a higher damage output and more hit points.

As with earlier incarnations, they have Undead status, which causes their morale to always be neutral, and in this game makes them unaffected by Poison-, Blind-, or Mind-related magical spells. They are also Incorporeal, which makes any non-magical attack made against them only have a 50% chance of actually inflicting damage. They still remain flyers, and can therefore move to any free tile on the battle screen during their turn, regardless of any obstacles along the path. Mana drain, their newfound ability allows them to drain mana from enemy stacks that possess it to refill their own health pool, to the point of even allowing them to resurrect falling members of their stack, should they have fallen during that combat.

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