Switch ball

A switch ball.

Switch balls are those objects which flips the castle upside-down when outside. Inside they teleport them to another room. These are balls which are located in the castle but in scary places which they can take someone to secret areas or other areas. They also glow with its symbols on the ball. The effect will lighten the highlights of the gameplay image when the effect has additive blend mode used. That effect occurs on the PS2 version of Sonic Heroes.

  • A glowing symbols to the teleport effect.
  • A pad texture.
  • A texture to the glowing ball on symbols.
  • A switch ball seen in Hang Castle.
  • An inactive switch ball.
  • A pad to the switch.
  • A switch effect when the ball has been touched.
  • The glowing symbols
  • The switch ball models.
  • A switch ball in Mystic Mansion.
  • Switch Ball in cage.
  • An upside down switch ball.
  • The switch light with additive blending instead of normal.


  • Throughout the source code for the PC, the compare dword opcode in the game's exe is present to make the effect skip the jump code to use its own blending instead of sharing the same with the other effect. With that code disabled, it will use additive instead of regular alpha blending.


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