Switches Witches is a black and white Felix the Cat short film released to theaters on October 2, 1927. This short is, quite possibly, the very first animated Halloween cartoon ever made.


Felix is getting involved in some surreal Halloween pranks, and then heads out to see his sweetheart thanks to a fortune telling owl. But can Felix find the girl of his dreams on the spookiest night of the year?


It's Halloween in cartoon land, and Felix is up to his old tricks. He frightens off some of his friends, and then pulls off some "Frankensteinian" transformations on a chicken, a rabbit, a horse, and a bicycle by taking the head of a rabbit, for example, and putting it on the body of a chicken. Another example would be taking the back of a bicycle, and swapping it with the back end of a horse (a typical gag in cartoons at the time). After these strange happenings, Felix visits a fortune telling owl who foretells romance for the mischievous feline. But when Felix finds a house, thinking that his true love might be inside, he gets a shocking surprise when he discovers that the house is actually home to a witch. Felix runs and the witch gives chase, but Felix can't escape, not even on horseback or by riding the witch's broom. When the witch has Felix cornered, she reveals herself to be Felix's sweetheart who was just pulling his tail with a witch costume.


  • This is the first Halloween cartoon ever made (though not exactly released on Halloween).
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