Screenshot from the episode.

"Trick or Treat" is a Halloween-themed episode of the horror anthology TV series Tales From The Darkside. It is also the show's pilot episode, written by show creator George A. Romero. It originally aired in the United States in syndication on October 29, 1983. The episode starts Barnard Hughes and Max Wright.


Gideon Hackles (Barnard Hughes), an old man who is as rich as he is spiteful, has developed an obsession for Halloween and especially trick-or-treating. Running a local convenience store he has somehow managed to get the entire town indebted unto him, and he keeps their IOUs in large bundles, holding them over the peoples' heads. However, every Halloween he allows those indebted to him to send their children over to his house for an annual attempt to try and find the stack of IOUs in his house. Most parents seem to be extremely pushy for their kids to get them out of debt, although not all.

Mr. Hackles' house, while harmless, has been filled with animatronic "spirits" meant to terrify the children and startle them into fleeing the house without finding the papers. However, through reasons gone unexplained, Hackles is suddenly terrorized by a witch, who ultimately leads to him losing the season's game.

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