Angus Scrimm as the Tall man.

The Tall Man is an interdimensional being and the main antagonist of the Phantasm film series, played by deceased actor Angus Scrimm.

Fictional character biography

Once a man named Jebidiah Morningside, he is now The Tall Man, The Tall Man gets his name due to how tall he is, his weapon of choice are sentinal sphears, which contain brains from corpses inside, they have blades, drills, and lasers come out of them for attack, and once attached to a victem, it drains the blood from the victims head.

His minions are demonic dwarf like creatures, who are actually his murder victims with sphears in their heads.

The Tall Man's plan is to be the Lord of the Dead, as he and his minions go from town to town, wiping out the population, the only thing that gets in his way is Mike Pearson and his friend Reggie, unfortunately, every time they kill the Tall Man, a new one appears, because there are actually thousands of them, and they replace one that falls.


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