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Tattletail is a 2016 first person survival horror video game developed by Waygetter Electronics and published by Little Flag Software, LLC. Although it takes place around Christmas time, its content can be considered suitable for Halloween.


The game starts out eight days before Christmas, 1998. The player controls a young, unnamed youth who decides to sneak into his family's basement after dark and peek at his gifts. He finds that he will be getting a Baby Talking Tattletail (officially described as "The world’s most annoying toy" and obviously based on the once-popular Furby toys) and opens it up to play with it a little. Afterwards, the child puts the Tattletail away and returns to bed. The next night he finds that the toy has gotten itself out of its box and wants to be played with again, and the child obliges it. However, on the third night, he comes across the much larger Mama Tattletail next to the washing machine, and awakens her. From then on, she hunts the child and his furry companion, trying to coax the two to her so that she may eat the child's eyes.


The game has a very dark and foreboding atmosphere, taking place only at night and with effectively the only source of light coming from a flashlight that must be shaken to charge. However, once Mama Tattletail has been awakened the player must do everything he or she can to survive. Mama hunts by sound and will hear the shaking of the flashlight as well as Baby Tattletail, who will constantly demand things, such as being brushed, fed, or recharged.

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