Teen Wolf (called The Cartoon Adventures of Teen Wolf in the United Kingdom) is an animated series based on the 1985 film of the same name. It originally aired on CBS between September 13, 1986 and November 7, 1987.


The series is about a teenage boy and his family who can transform into werewolves, focusing on themes of coming of age and fitting in. While generally keeping true to the main ideas, this version made some changes from the film.

Scott Howard and his family live in the fictional town of Wolverton, a small town that draws tourists because of its history of werewolf sightings. Unlike the film, Scott's status as a werewolf is a secret.


Season 1

  1. Teen Wolf's Family Secret
  2. The Werewolf Buster
  3. Shopworn Wolf
  4. The Beast Within
  5. Up a Family Tree
  6. Grandpa's In the Doghouse
  7. Wolf Pride
  8. Wolf of My Dreams
  9. Leader of the Pack
  10. The Curse of the Red Paw
  11. The All-American Werewolf
  12. Under My Spell
  13. Teen Wolf Punks Out

Season 2

  1. Teen Wolf's Curse
  2. It's No Picnic Being Teen Wolf
  3. Toot Toot Tut Tut and All That Rot
  4. Down on the Farm
  5. Diary of a Mad Werewolf
  6. Teen Wolf Come Home
  7. Scott and the Howlers
  8. Howlin' Cousins


  • Despite the youth audience, the cartoon series delivered very powerful critiques of disability-as-civil rights. Freely invoking an asthma attack or seizure, the series centered on how Scott felt "weird" immediately before and during his werewolf transformation.
  • The town, named "Beacontown" in the film, is now called "Wolverton" in the series.
  • Scott's supernatural status, which was common knowledge to the public in the movie, is known only to his family, Stiles, and Boof in the series.
  • Scott's grandparents and a younger sister named Lupe, absent in the movie, live with them in the cartoon. In the movie Scott is an only child.
  • Harold sported grey fur while transformed in the movie, however he is dark-furred in the series.
  • Mick, who attended a rival high school at age 21 (due to a short prison stay) in the movie, is 18 in the series and attends Wolverton High with the other teens as a jock.
  • Pam is a light-blond in the movie. In the cartoon, she is a dark-blonde who is a cheerleader for Wolverton High.
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