Texas Chainsaw 3D is a 2013 reboot film that serves as the sequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, although there is already a sequel.


Heather Miller and her friends visit her new mansion, given to her by a grandmother she never knew she had. It's Halloween when they make it there, and they settle in.

That night, all her friends are murdered by Leatherface, so she escapes, at the police station, she looks at files, and discovers that the mayor of the town killed her biological family (Heather was adopted), her family, the sawyer family, meaning that Leatherface is her cousin.

The Mayor Kidnaps Heather, luckily, Leatherface saves her, and the two team up and get revenge on him.


  • The original film took place in 1974, and this film takes place in 2013, and Heather looks like she is in her 20's, but in reality, she should actually be almost 40.

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